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Let’s GO campaign

Mobility is one of the core issues and key stones in the Building up European Higher Education Area.

Mobility may be one of the most complex processes we face in higher education; It has effects on all levels from individual, institutional to societal level;

Mobility is in strong interest of students and staff as well as society as whole;

European Students’ Union in partnership with Educational International, has launched a European wide Mobility campaign; “Let’s Go!”, an awareness campaign running from November 2007 to October 2008.

Campaign carried out by student unions and Teacher unions on the National and on the European level.

Students and teachers have a right to be mobile. Students and teachers who want to spend a period of time abroad should be able to do so across the European continent without obstacles. ESU and EI want equal chances and equal access to knowledge and education for all, based on personal interest and capacity, including academic mobility.

However, mobility for all students and staff is far from being a reality in Europe today. After many years of discussion and reforms, students and higher education personnel are staying at home, because of the many barriers to mobility. In order to increase student and staff mobility, the needs of students and staff themselves must be taken into account.

ESU and EI have launched this campaign to ensure that students and teacher voices are heard across Europe. Our campaign aims at bringing the issues that teachers and students face when going abroad to study; teach or research to the centre of political debate. We want to see mobility becoming a reality and not only a proclaimed goal

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  1. I am a teacher in the United States and I want to get some kind of dialogue between European students and my students here in the US. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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